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The odour impact of industrial, farming or municipal management facilities, including municipal wastewater treatment plants has been growing significantly with the expansion of suburbia and the associated rural and industrial encroachment, resulting in residential and commercial properties becoming in closer proximity to these facilities than in the past. An increased environmental awareness of communities has meant the population of the areas located near odorous facilities expressed a growing interest in the right to clean air, free from odours. In the most countries, the number of complaints about the odour nuisance has been growing. The demand for novel solutions for odour management has never been more prominent.

The IWA conference series are given the opportunity to the industry specialists, researchers and professionals from all over the world to meet, exchange experiences and ideas, as well as discuss the main innovations related to air emissions policy, strategic initiatives, technical / commercial innovations and their corresponding impact on air emissions and odour management, thereby including a wide range of different topics in order to give an all-embracing point of view on this continuously progressing issue.

Targeted audience includes both public and private sector:  government, research institutions, universities, consulting firms, equipment manufacturers, wastewater and solid waste industry, agriculture and food industry and all stakeholders concerned with air emissions and nuisance odour management.