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WESTRAND Int. (France) invented in 1993 the first industrial odour removal profession. Until then only masking or over-odouring products were existed on the market. Since this time the firm developed and patented new lines of chemical reagents for different sectors of industry. Today WESTRAND pay special attention to develop next generation of odour control technologies, which efficiency is unheard of until now and may exceed 99,999% efficiency. Our neutralisers, AIRHITONEs, are able to carry out persistent reaction with most of known air odorants and pollutants (toxins). Our neutralisers  are matched to individual application needs. Elaboration of final chemical formula takes a lot of time but it is not enough, then we work on procedure for optimal use, which significantly improve final results. So, it is why, our job we call as “Odour Engineering”. This approach makes our offer exceptional on the world market and helps to keep customers trust.

We can quickly and easy treat odours of gases captured with organized emissions into the atmosphere, but the biggest advantages of our method is ability of air treatment on the open space, where emission is most difficult to control. Westrand is well recognized brand for its effectiveness and responsiveness. A global company, Westrand is established in more than 30 countries with more than 3’000 references worldwide. Our method perform requirements of the Best Available Technics (BAT20, BAT21), which is European’s procedure recommended for qualifying modern solutions for oppressive  industry.


WESTRAND Int., France.
Quartier Plessier, BP10062, F 68131 Altkirch Cedex 
tel:  +33 (0)3 89 08 88 88, fax: +33 (0)3 89 40 29 30

WESTRAND Sp. J., Poland.
ul. Kłobucka 13/12, PL 02-699 Warszawa
tel.:  +48 22 647 24 01, tel/fax.: +48 22 847 84 89


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